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There will always be someone fitter.

There will always be someone faster.

That someone may be you.

Train your people like athletes, and your business always wins.

Your people are not simply employees. They’re athletes, industrial athletes who will always perform better when they’re fit, healthy and using proper movement. Whether it comes from increasing output, reducing premiums, developing ergonomically correct working environments or improving efficiency, Momentum Health Services can help you develop a workforce of industrial athletes poised to make your company more productive and profitable.


Fitness is a team sport.

Our Methodology

Momentum brings trainers, exercise physiologists, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, registered dietitians, psychologists and other allied health professionals together with writers, art directors, application developers and other communicators to develop science-based systems that motivate people to live healthier lives.

We believe that when people work together, it’s not just their workouts that get better. While everyone’s path to wellness is their own, they’re never on their own.


When you train people like athletes,
your business always wins.

Our Trainers

The first goal of any wellness program is feeling better and getting healthier. But healthy people aren’t just happier; they think more critically and are more productive. They make your organization more competitive.

Our trainers are certified with the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association and have completed mentorships with some of the top trainers in the world. That means that some of the best, most progressive trainers in the city will work for you and your people to make your business better and your workforce healthier.


Nothing spreads
like wellness.

Our Programs

The world’s most effective wellness programs are simple and fun. That’s why Momentum may be the only corporate wellness company in the world with a dedicated, in-house team of programmers and internal communications specialists who help market these programs and keep people motivated.

Momentum programs enjoy participation and retention rates that greatly exceed the industry average because we develop specialized tools that make people want to stick to a healthy diet and keep working out. The Small Steps walking program, which uses a $20 USB-enabled pedometer, encourages 10,000 steps per day and RightSize portion plates that make it easy to proper manage calorie intake from the different food groups.

These are just two of our growing number of innovative and effective applications that promote wellness throughout your organization.


We will manage, equip and staff your onsite wellness facility. We will help you secure all the equipment, if necessary, and provide registered nurses, licensed dietitians, certified trainers and other wellness providers who will report to your business every day, working with your people.

We will work directly with you to develop web- and Intranet-based applications and ongoing wellness programs that ensure your people keep having fun and stay motivated.


If you already have a wellness facility and a program, we will help round out your wellness team and provide them with the most powerful games, initiatives and programs to keep your people working out and living healthy.

Healthy Outcomes Application Development

If you already have a corporate wellness facility, program and team in place, we will help you increase participation and retention through licensing of existing applications or building new ones. We’re the only organization in our industry that has healthcare professionals, corporate communicators and application developers working together with one goal.

We don't simply know how to train your people. We know how to get their attention and keep it.


Exercise is medicine.
Food is medicine.
Laughter is medicine.

Our Services

Momentum provides comprehensive wellness services that include:

Talk Fit